The year is 2094. A massive meteor shower hits earth destroying everything. A small group of people known as The Sashuras, who hold special powers, survived the blast. 100 years later the Sashuras are invaded by The Ostragons, a destructive force of evil, who seeks to take over the world.

Premiere Saturday May 16th : Soho Film Festival Official Selection


Executive Producers > Kenny Davis, Ilay Ron
Producers > Christelle Juteau, Marilou Signolet, Ilay Ron
Associate Producer > Benjamin Murray
Director > Ilay Ron
Writer > Maurene Singer
Director of Photography > Alice Millar
Sound > Loïc Chautemps
Make-up and Hair > Jacqueline Cicala
Costumes > Kristen Steinman
Editor > Sean Robinson
Set Photography > Julio Gaggia, Alexandra Turshen

Cast > Alexandra Turshen, Dashiell Boam, Michael Galante, Jonathan Dwyer, Thea McCartan, David Arkema, Patrick Stoffer, Sarah Mason, Michael Novick, David Gray, Charles Warburton...



  • Milo
  • Sierra
  • Lana
  • Keiran
  • Phoenix
  • Emily
  • Ava
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