Jason is a typical teenage kid. When he’s not on his skateboard, he spends his time with his honors student girlfriend Amy, or best friend Billy, taking advantage of his empty house while his mom’s away on one of her many business trips. But when Eric and Darren, the unconventional couple move in next door, Jason becomes fascinated with his new neighbors and turns his attention away from his usual routine, forcing himself to face some hard hitting truths...

At the surface a coming-of-age story about a young boy discovering his true sexual identity, at its core a sweet, subtextual romance piece. Through internal conflicts affecting many of today’s youth Broken tackles issues we struggle with in modern society.

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Writer > Ilay Ron
Co-writer > Lilah Shreeve
Producers > Ilay Ron, Lilah Shreeve & Alice Millar
Cast (order of appearance) > Tim Doughertu, Grant Kretchik, Lily Zahn, Grace Barber, Brad Miller, Stefano Da Fre, Lilah Shreeve, Chris Shreeve

Director > Ilay Ron
Director of Photography > Alice Millar
Assistant Camerawoman > Jen Quintana
Script Supervisor > Anne De Wolf
Sound Mixer > Kevin Wenger
Key Grip > Ebony Argaez
Hair & Makeup Artist > Joan Jones


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